In case a new customer is ordering Meditools send the goods cash on delivery or at realization of the first order ask for payment in advance. On receipt of the payment on account the company puts data of the customer into its business database and despatch the goods.
In orders coming from foreign customers Meditools always ask for payment in advance. Besides price of the goods pro-forma invoice contains also transportation costs and insurance of the shipment then.
Order where price of the goods doesn´t reach over 3.000,- CZK will be charged postage and package included.
We are sending the goods to the customers from Slovak Republic most often through road transport service. The customer obtains the goods within two days after dispatch and pays the carrier cash on delivery. Road transport service switch invoiced amount from CZK to EUR then using ČSOB FOREIGN EXCHANGES/PURCHASE rate which is valid on the date of haulage of the shipment. This form of shipment lowers not only postage expenses but also costs of international bank transfer.
To reduce the costs utmost when sending the goods to Poland we are using Polish postal services and sending the dispatches from Kudowa Zdroj locality.