Meditools s.r.o. delivers goods to the doctors and medical personnel on the basis of orders which obtains either from direct contact with the customer or from written orders sent by post, via email or by fax. Well-tried customers can order also by telephone.
Good cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers enables the company to store operationally just items that are requested most often. This means that customer can´t obtain every kind of goods immediately the next day. The company trades with wide range of closely specialized goods where some of the items are letting be produced custom-made. In these cases the customer may be informed just about an approximate date of delivery of which is the customer kept informed. The fact that since 1999 the company remains in successful existence predicates of business functioning and custom satisfaction.
For more affordable prices of the goods from foreign suppliers where prices of some of the items often overtop delivery costs, duty, insurance and bank transfer fees the company summarises orders from single customers and then send it to the supplier. Though the term of delivery extends a bit the price of the goods is friendlier for the customer. Nevertheless there is an effort to respect the term needs of the customer and to come to satisfaction on both sides through mutual compromise. Experience acknowledges that foreign suppliers don´t have all offered assortment in the stock as well. However the customer is informed about the course of his order and in the end he gets what he needs.
Other conditions follow Commercial Code eventually Civil Code forcible in Czech Republic.